Community-based laboratory and radiology services

Bio-Test provides laboratory testing and radiology (including ultrasounds)services for patients referred by an Ontario licenced health practitioner (physician, nurse practitioner or registered mid-wife).

In order to provide the best access possible to patients, Bio-Test specimen collection services are provided at the following locations:

  • Licenced Bio-Test specimen collection centres
  • Physician's offices and medical clinics
  • Community Health Centres
  • Nursing/Retirment homes
  • Long-Term Care facilities
  • Private homes

Radiology and ultrasound services are also provided at specific Bio-Test patient centres.

Occupational Health Testing:

Bio-Test is able to provide laboratory services for an organization's employees with great flexibility. We understand the importance of time and the importance of employee health.

Customized workforce specimen collection programs can be carried out on-site or at one of our patient centres, whichever is more convenient for the organization.

Radiology and ultrasound services can be easily arranged at specific Bio-Test radiology clinics as well.

Clinician Services

Bio-Test is licenced by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to perform tests in Haematology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Special Chemistry, Serology and Cytology.

The Institute for Quality Management in Health Care was legislated by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and it regularly monitors Bio-Test Laboratory's assay quality. As well, Bio-Test has incorporated in-house quality control programs as a part of every analysis.

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Bio-Test Laboratory is ISO 15189PlusTM accredited through the Institute for Quality Management in Health Care (IQMH).


Bio-Test also performs ECG's at its' patient centres and provides house call services to private home, nursing/retirement homes and long-term care facilities. In addition, Radiology facilities are located at 2006 Robertson Rd (Bells Corners) and at 1929 Russell Rd. Ultrasound services are performed at 2006 Robertson Rd (Bells Corners).

Client Services

The staff at Bio-Test Lab can be relied upon as your extended health support team providing timely, vital information in order to better assist you manage your patients' health.

Clinicians referring patients and samples to Bio-Test can expect only the highest level of personal, professional and efficient service provided by our Client Services department. At Bio-Test, client service staff members can address your requests for patient results (verbal or fax), add-on tests, collection procedures and other technical information in a timely and efficient manner.

When calling the main lab (613-789-4242) for any query, you can expect a human voice to quickly answer the call and address your needs immediately.

Support Services

House Calls
House calls can be arranged for patients at a charge. Requests for house call services should be directed to the main laboratory at 2006 Robertson Rd (Bells Corners).

Specimen Collection
Qualified phlebotomists are available for specimen collection in your office, clinic or in nursing homes and institutions, on a routine basis.

Courier Service
A courier service is provided for the pick-up of specimens and delivery of reports. Laboratory supplies ordered from your office/clinic are also delivered to client locations by a Bio-Test courier, once the order is processed. Courier services are provided free of charge.

Bio-Test Laboratory provides all supplies necessary for the procurement of specimens. Supply requisition forms are provided to physicians' offices for ordering convenience.

Consultants in every Laboratory discipline are available to physicians for any question or assistance.

Bio-Test's Public Relations Department is able to provide any information regarding our services and is able to arrange for the delivery of supplies and for specimen pick-up. The department is pleased to handle any general inquiries.

Suggestions and comments are welcome.

Please contact: Mr. A. Malik at (613) 789-4242