This database contains all the necessary information you require for specimen collection of a test being sent to Bio-Test Laboratory. The information has been taken from Bio-Test’s Test Specification Guide (TSG).

Below, you will see a listing of all the alphabets. Simply Click on the letter that corresponds to the test you are inquiring about. This will bring up all the tests that start with that letter. Test names (and alternate names), specimen container types, special handling instructions and whether or not the test is covered by OHIP will be presented to you.

Public Health Ontario’s Test Directory can be found by clicking the following link:


NOTE: In the test database, abbreviations have the following meaning:
TAT= Turn around time
LOC= Location of where test is being performed
BTL= Bio-Test Laboratory
Billing= If the patient is required to pay for a test, there will be an amount indicated under the billing column.

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