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Laboratory Reporting Facilities for Physicians and Licenced Health Care Providers

Requests for copies of reports or any information regarding results should be directed to the Laboratory. All reports to our routine clients are delivered by Bio-Test couriers. All routine tests are delivered within 24 hours. Other reports are delivered as they are completed. Reports are computerized with abnormal results appearing in bold face type with an arrow indicating elevated or decreased values. This enables abnormal values to be brought to the physician's attention quickly.




Patient reports are automatically downloaded into e-Health’s OLIS portal for viewing by physicians and licenced health care providers. For more information on Electronic Reporting through eHealth, please visit http://www.ehealthontario.on.ca/en/about.

Bio-Test Laboratory has established interfaces to all the major EMR systems. This allows a seamless flow of patient results into physicians’ offices.

Reports can be faxed to a physician directly through our computer network, regularly or on request.


Routinely Called Results: Positive Pregnancy, Positive Beta HCG, and Positive Group A Strep results are called automatically.

Abnormal Results: All clinically significant abnormal test results, as well as significant pathogens, are called automatically.

Critical Value Results: All critical value results are called to the physician immediately. Critical value results are values which Bio-Test Consultants consider life-threatening. If the physician cannot be contacted, appropriate action will be taken by Bio-Test’s Medical Staff with priority on our patient’s health.

STAT Results: All STAT results are telephoned as soon as the results are available.


Bio-Test provides STAT testing services once specimens arrive at the main lab. Upon arrival at the main lab, STAT specimens are prioritized and are processed/tested first.