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Before your visit

Do I need an appointment?
No appointment is needed for laboratory, X-Ray, and ECG services. All patients will be seen on a first-come, first-serve basis at all our patient service centres. Make sure to check hours of operations prior to visiting one of our locations. Ultrasounds are performed at the Bells Corner location on an appointment basis. Simply call the patient service centre at 1 (800) 409-1942 and request an appointment for an ultrasound. The next available appointment will be booked for you.(Please ensure you know exactly what type of ultrasound your physician has requested)
What should I know before I go in for testing?

Always bring your health card, lab, x-ray and/or ultrasound requisition signed by your health practitioner. If you have been provided any specimen collection kits in advance, please bring them with you if the sample is collected. Ensure all specimen containers are clearly labeled with your name and properly secured.

Do I need to fast for my test?

There are certain tests where it is preferred that you have been fasting overnight before your blood collection. Usually your physician or health practitioner will indicate on your laboratory requisition if you need to be fasting. If you are not sure, it is best to check with your doctor or health practitioner if they want you to be fasting.
Certain ultrasound procedures require you to be fasting or have some other special preparation before your appointment time. Please confirm with whom you are booking your appointment, what special preparations, if any, are required. Preparation instructions are also detailed on Bio-Test radiology requisitions.

What are the expected wait times like?

We understand that your time is valuable and we aim to provide efficient service. As such, we offer the option to schedule appointments in order to minimize your wait time. However, if scheduling an appointment is not possible, we strive to minimize your wait time, though please note that the length of your visit may be influenced by the number of patients currently present at our Patient Service Centre. It is important to note that wait times may be slightly longer in the mornings as many patients fast overnight for tests.

Tests and services

Can I add a test to the requisition form from my doctor?

Only an Ontario licenced physician, registered practical nurse or mid-wife may order laboratory tests, x-rays, ultrasounds and ECGs. If you feel your health care provider should be ordering certain tests, it is best to discuss this with them directly.

Which locations offer radiology services?

Currently, X-Ray services are offered at our Bells Corner & Smyth Medical Centre locations. ECG services are offered at our Bells Corner, Smyth Medical Centre, and Parkdale locations. Ultrasound services are available at our Bells Corner location at select times. These locations are subject to change.

For x-ray services, no appointments are necessary.
For ultrasound services, appointments are required. Weekend appointments are available. To book an appointment, call the main lab at 613-789-4242 or email

Does Bio-Test provide at-home testing?

Unable to make it into one of our patient service centres? Please feel out our contact form to inquire further about our at-home testing options.

Am I eligible to get tested at Bio-Test?

Once you’ve obtained a requisition from your physician, you can sign up for an in-person appointment at one of Patient Service Centres by clicking here to book an appointment.

Post Testing

How quickly can I expect to get results?

It is always better to give yourself a two to three day lead time before your doctor’s appointment. Most test results are available within 24 hours, but some tests will take longer (anywhere from 2 to 3 days up to 3 weeks).

General Questions

Which tests are covered by provincial health care? 

The majority of lab tests, x-rays, ultrasounds and ECGs are covered by your provincial health plan. It is important to always bring your health card each time you arrive at a patient centre or to your health centre if you are having specimens collected there.
There are certain tests which are not covered by OHIP and other provincial health plans. In such cases, payment is required in order to perform specimen collection and testing.

Patients covered with the Quebec provincial health insurance plan have less tests covered by their plan (e.g. ECGs, Ultrasounds are not covered). There is also a documentation and handling charged to patients presenting themselves at a patient centre with Quebec health insurance.

If you do not have provincial health care coverage, you must pay for the requested tests in advance. An official receipt will be issued upon request for a claim to be made under private insurance. The following providers can be invoiced directly with proper documentation.

  • Interim Federal Health (if eligible) – Eight digit client ID and proof of eligibility is required
  • Cowan Benefits – Nine digit certificate number is required
  • R.C.M.P. with proper documentation
  • N.D.M.C. – Military ID number is required

A receipt of payment is always issued for your records or in case you need to submit a claim for your expenses to your own insurance company.

What if I’m dropping off a specimen on behalf of someone else?

If you are dropping off a specimen on behalf of a relative or friend, you should have the signed requisition, patient’s health card and ensure that all specimen containers are clearly labelled with the patient’s complete name and date of birth, then is securely sealed.

Can I add a test to my doctor’s request?

I apologize, but could you please provide more context or specify what you are referring to when you mention “expected wait times”? Are you asking about wait times for a specific service or in a particular context?

Is Bio-Test an accredited clinic?

Bio-Test is licensed by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to perform tests in Haematology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Special Chemistry, Serology and Cytology. The Bio-Test Laboratory is ISO 15189PlusTM accredited through the Institute for Quality Management in Health Care (IQMH).

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